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Build Blog: 2002 Ford Mustang GT convertible

Do I really need another car? No, but the fun factor of a convertible in the summer was just too tempting. Not to mention that it's a 100% stock, all original, triple black GT convertible. It's the perfect clean slate for a fun little build.

Build Blog
dreammachines - May 26, 2017


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The Scoop

I saw this car sitting pretty on the side of the road while out joyriding with my brother in the Bullitt.

It was early May, and we were on Forest Home Ave heading for the freeway.  We hung a quick U turn and pulled off to check it out. It was a ripe flower that was begging to be plucked.

It didn't take more than a quick look to see what a sweet car this was. It was 100% original, had relatively low miles for its age and was in great shape. I also immediately came up with a vision for how I could make this car meaner and cleaner with some subtle touches.

I don't really need another "cool car" as I already have my true dream machine, a 2008 Mustang Bullitt. There is really no way I could justify this purchase other than to flip the car when I'm done with it - so that's what I'm planning to try to do.

There is a bit of nostalgia attached to this black convertible though, in two ways.

The first is that in my high school days these Mustangs were just coming out and were the first to flirt with some cool "retro" themes. I was a huge fan of the old school Mustangs so these "retro" inspired cars caught my attention and imagination. It was the first platform to have a special "Bullitt" edition based on the famous 1968 Steve McQueen detective/car chase flick of it's namesake. I was  a big fan of that movie so that car really hooked me.  There was also the rebirth of the "Mach 1" name of the famed 1970's Mustangs, in addition to the fantastic "Terminator" Cobra on this platform, which is probably the Mustang to have from this era.  And there was the fact that a couple kids at my High School that had "New Edge" GTs - so, back in those days, I lusted over these cars.

The second major reason, though, is that I recall my Dad attempting to buy a black SN95 Cobra convertible that he drove past everyday on his way  to work. He would leave notes on the guy's car with the hopes of making a deal. That deal never happened, and my Dad has since passed away, but I think he'd appreciate this particular car since it's similar to the one  he was after.

The Plan

I've already begun a mild build on the car.

At this point it's mostly cosmetic, since I'm trying to keep costs low. It needed tires really bad, so I went an extra step and got a wheel and tire combo. 

You can't go wrong with Bullitt wheels, but I decided to go a different route.

I got a set of staggered 18inch FR500 wheels, wrapped in low profile Sumitomo summer tires. To compliment the wheels and to replace the crusty yellow headlamps, I got a front fascia kit, that included a Mach 1 grille delete, chin spoiler, headlights and a shorty antenna.

All in all I think these subtle mods have already transformed the car quite a bit.

I'll be doing exhaust next and I'll update this blog with photos and video of that once it's complete.

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Featured Vehicle

2002 Ford Mustang


Liters: 4.6

Cyliders: 8

Vehicle Category



0-60: 6.0 seconds

1/4 Mile: 14.7 seconds @ unknown mph

Top Speed: 139 mph

Horsepower: 260 @ 5250 rpm

Torque: 302 @ 4000 rpm

Transmission: Manual (MT)

Weight: 3429


Exterior Color: Black

Interior Color: Black


Mileage: 79000

Ownership: Previously Owned


I bought this car in May of 2017. It was way too clean not to pick up and the price was good. It was bone stock when I got it and I decided to do a modest build with it. I don't intend to keep it through the season so I figured I'd fix it up and sell it. It needed tires so I decided to buy a wheel and tire set off of American Muscle. I decided to go with a set of staggered 18inch FR500 wheels with low profile Sumitomo tires. The headlights were pretty yellow and crusty looking so I also got a kit that included new headlights, a Mach 1 grill delete and chin spoiler. The wheels, tires and front fascia kit really give the car some added attitude. It also is way too quiet for a muscle car so I'll be installing the Magnaflow Magnapack exhaust to give it some much needed life. After that I'll enjoy it for a bit and eventually flip it if I don't get too attached to it.

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