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Double Yellow Means Don't Pass!

SVT_MAN - Jun 15, 2017

Mind the double yellow. There's a reason they exist.

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Forty-eight days. Nineteen emails. One guard shack. And it was worth it.

SVT_MAN - Jun 08, 2017

That's what it took to get my pride and joy back where it should be: on the road.

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Chevy Runs Deep: right into the Zebra Corner

SVT_MAN - Jun 03, 2017

Flag on the play, Chevy. There's no excuse for this.

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Donuts for Guinness

SVT_MAN - Jun 02, 2017

Glazed donuts are good, but these are better.

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Build Blog: 2002 Ford Mustang GT convertible

dreammachines - May 26, 2017

Do I really need another car? No, but the fun factor of a convertible in the summer was just too tempting. Not to mention that it's a 100% stock, all original, triple black GT convertible. It's the perfect clean slate for a fun little build.

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Ahola, Outlander Sport! I left your side confused.

SVT_MAN - May 23, 2017

What sort of savagery was inflicted upon this poor little bull-dog-faced Mitsubishi?

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