Fantasy Vehicle Rankings

Fantasy Vehicle Rankings are calculated by the vehicles in Fantasy Garages across all Piston Republic users.

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How It Works

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 Current Leader: SVT_MAN



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 Current Leader: Ford Mustang



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 Current Leader: Ford



Top 10 Years

 Current Leader: 2017


What is Fantasy Garage?

  Express your automotive tastes.

Ever thought along the lines of:
"If money and availability were no issue, I'd own ... " ?

That is the essence of Fantasy Garage.

Earn a garage space. Choose a vehicle.

It's that simple!

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  Brag a little, too.

We'll show everybody ...

  • Who owns the most vehicles
  • What makes are most popular
  • What models are most popular
  • What years are most popular
  • And more ...

Learn more about what it takes to add a Dream Machine to your Fantasy Garage below.

  Earning Garage Spaces

To advance a vehicle in the Fantasy Vehicle Rankings, you'll need to put a vehicle of that make and model into one of your Garage Spaces.

You can add any make and model that you choose and park it in a garage space.

Garage spaces are assigned on the basis of the number of points that you've accumulated at Piston Republic.

Check out how many spaces you have by visiting your Fantasy Garage:

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  Earning Points

Every 100 points you earn awards you one (1) additional garage space.

The more valuable the content you contribute is, the more points we'll give you.

Let's break it down:

Your Blog

  • 50 pts : Your Article Promoted to Homepage
  • 5 pts : Published Article
  • 5 pts : Each Published Article "like" received

Your Rides

  • 25 pts : Add Vehicle to Member Rides
  • 15 pts : 3rd Photo of Member Ride
  • 10 pts : 2nd Photo of Member Ride
  • 5 pts : 1st Photo of Member Ride
  • 5 pts : Each Member Ride "like" received

In addition to these defined points above, we also give out other points just for being active on our site.

The more active you are on the site, the more points you'll earn!

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  Vehicle Popularity

Popularity of a specific vehicle is determined by the number of users who have chosen a particular make and model in their Fantasy Garage.

Thus, the "Most Popular Vehicles" are the most popular vehicles across all Fantasy Garages in the Piston Republic user base.

Please note that trim levels are not separated for these rankings because single trim level vehicles would gain an unfair advantage.

Year is not factored into popularity either.

The easiest way to advance a vehicle you like in the rankings is to earn more Garage Spaces for yourself and encourage friends to join Piston Republic and do the same.

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