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The Guess The Engine Challenge / Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts + Day 30 Revealed!

SVT_MAN - May 05, 2020


Day 30 - Yesterday's Engine Revealed!

Drum roll, please ... 

Yesterday's engine was a 3.4L DOHC V8 in a Ford Taurus SHO:Thumb screen shot 2020 05 05 at 70004 pm

I'll bet that low rumble you would have never expected from a lowly Ford Taurus.

Thanks to Shooff3.4 for the clip.

Final Thoughts 

Engines come in many different shapes, sizes, and sounds, and we've tried to give you a good sampling of the wide variety of engines out there.

While knowing how to identify an engine based upon its sound alone might not be an exceedingly useful skill, it's certainly fun to try and guess.

Thanks to all of the YouTube channels that provided the sound clips, and most of all - thanks to you for playing!  We loved having you around for this challenge.

Stick Around!

Now then, why not stay for more fun?  

After all, you can Add Your Ride or Write an Article on Your Blog.  Or, you canView Member RidesJoin a Car ClubFollow Friends.  Or even better yet: Fill Your Fantasy Garage with Dream Machines.

We'd love to see you around on this community we're working hard to build.  For now, take care during these strange times!



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