Accompanying image for Ahola, Outlander Sport!  I left your side confused.


Ahola, Outlander Sport! I left your side confused.

What sort of savagery was inflicted upon this poor little bull-dog-faced Mitsubishi?

Thumb picture SVT_MAN - May 23, 2017


Today as I strolled through an outdoor mall over lunch, I stumbled across a relatively rare sight: a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

Now when I say the Outlander Sport is a relatively rare sight - we're  not talking Ferrari 250 GTO rare.

But it's still not that popular of a vehicle.  It only sold 33,067 copies in 2016.  

While that might seem like a lot to some of you, consider the 2016 sales of some of the favorites in this market segment:

Honda CRV - 357,335
Toyota RAV4 - 352,169
Nissan Rogue - 329,904
Ford Escape - 307,069

(Source: )

So yeah.  Do the math: there are about 10% as many Outlander Sports out there as there are any of these other small SUVs.  So the Outlander Sport is definitely rare-ish to see.

But I'm not writing this article because I'm a closet Mitsubishi Outlander Sport fan and I want you to drive one instead of your CRV.  (Not that Outlander Sports are altogether bad looking .  I actually kind of like the look.)

No, the reason I am pointing out this vehicle is because I saw ....


Thumb damage fender


Just look at the size of that hole.  Ouch!  And, I promise you - these pictures don't do it justice.  It seemed far worse in person.

So my question to you is this: 

What exactly leaves this level of destruction on this poor, innocent, bull-dog-faced Mitsubishi?  

I couldn't quite simulate in my brain what causes a hole in the fender like this without a huge amount of damage forward of the actual hole.  

I mean, what's going on here?  

Did the driver go jousting with a guardrail?  (I can see scratch marks on the fender so it definitely scraped something.)

Post your best guess as to what happened in the comments below.  

(Or, maybe this is your car.  In that case, can you also tell us what this whole ALOHA plate is about?)

Also, here's a full picture of the car if you're having trouble placing where the damage is:
Thumb unnamed



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