Roanoke Valley Car's and Coffee -1st meet of the season
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April 10, 2021

504 Roanoke St
 Salem, VA, 24153
 United States

Event Description

Ok everyone, I know you've all been patiently waiting for the big announcement, so here it is! We were able to secure a temporary location for Roanoke Valley Car's and Coffee until Virginia Western Community College opens their campus back up for community events. The temporary location we were able to secure and work out an arrangement with is with Blue Ridge Motorsports in Salem VA! We are very thankful and gracious for these guys to allow us to use their property for our meets for the time being until Virginia Western gives us the ok to come back. So please show your thanks and support to these guys. We also want to let everyone know that coffee will be provided as well. We also want to announce that our events have been changed to just the 2nd Saturday of each month from April to October as well, and not the 2nd AND 4th Saturday's. Now we do want to mention to everyone who have attended our events in the past and for those of you who may not have attended before, this location is much smaller than the lots we had access to at Virginia Western Community College. This means, we WILL NOT be able to accommodate as many cars at this temporary location as we did at Virginia Western. So if you plan on being a part of the event PLEASE arrive as close to the 8am starting time as you can. We cannot guarantee everyone will have a spot due to lot size restrictions. Once the lot is full we will not be able to accommodate any other cars. One last thing we will be making some smaller but still exciting announcements over the next couple of weeks, so please stay tuned for those as well. April 10th will be our first meet of the year and we look forward to seeing everyone there!
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