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MoneyPit Car Meet
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March 21, 2021

 North Dartmouth, MA, 2747
 United States

Event Description

We have permission from the police and the property owner to host meets at this location. But only me and the cohosts an admin’s of my group Are allowed to host meets here if anyone else hosts at this location and is not okayed by one of the admin’s of my group, we will let the police know that it is not us and if anything happens it is not our fault. With saying that, we do not have permission to do burnouts and 2 step and obnoxious revving at the meets. But if the cops do come do not act like it’s fast and furious and race out of there. We do have permission to be there they will not kick us out. The property owner has asked for anyone who attends these events to not litter and race through the parking lot. They do not have the money to staff people to clean up our garbage. Anyone who does not obey by the rules given will be asked to leave and will not be allowed back. NO BURNOUTS NO 2STEP NO Excessive revving
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