Lexus/Toyota off-road enthusiast meet and greet
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April 03, 2021

1218 E Hudson St
 Columbus, OH, 43211
 United States

Event Description

As we have been seeing not only our hobby of being off-road on the trail and what we love to specialize in with building Toyotas/Lexus is constantly growing, We are reaching out to like-minded people that love their Lexus and Toyota and spend some of their free time driving them through the woods and trails to get together show off your rig, talk rigs, and possibly plan some future trail rides. Thinking of the same idea as cars and coffee but maybe one weekend a month where we meet at the shop. we'll try to figure out if we want to do the end of the month weekend or beginning of the month weekend starting this month or next. I've been seeing a lot of people posting in Toyota pages and Lexus pages about vehicle specific meets This isn't just for your Tacoma or 4Runner or GX470 This is where we can all get together and share the love for all Toyota's and Lexus, Can't wait to see all the awesome rigs and meet the cool people who own them. Any changes before the meetup will be posted on the event page.
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