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HCE Cars and Coffee 5
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February 06, 2021

Event Description

Fifth Official Hills Car Enthusiasts Cars and Coffee! First one in 2021! Coffee will be provided on site. Huge thanks for their support at the meet! Open to all types/makes of cars, bikes and 4x4s. Location is Cherrybrook Metro Station. We will be on the top level of the carpark. Please keep an eye on the location in case it is changed. IMPORTANT INFO: - Please no burnouts, drifting or unnecessary revving. There are surrounding houses and we would like to keep it as civilised as possible. Don't be that one person that does something dumb and gets the police called. There are CCTV cameras on the top level, so if you engage in hooning it will be on camera with your license plates. - There are still COVID-19 restrictions in place. Please practise appropriate social distancing, wear a mask if you prefer it and avoid gathering in large groups. If you are showing any cold or flu symptoms, please do not attend. Feel free to chat to everyone about their builds, just do so responsibly. Other than that, have fun! We are keen to see what everyone is bringing. There will be professional photographers, so get excited for some awesome pictures of your cars.
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