Photo of Dyno Day & Annual Tech Inspection Event

Dyno Day & Annual Tech Inspection
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February 06, 2021

5250 Pleasant View Rd, Ste 4
 Memphis, TN, 38134
 United States

Event Description

Dyno Day is Saturday, February 6th at DynoSpeed in Memphis. First car on the rollers a little after 8 am. We will go until we run out of cars to dyno. This is open to anyone who wants to check out the wheel horsepower on your car. BRING CASH! - $100 for 3 pulls - BRING CASH! We will also be doing free annual tech inspections for W2W racers & Time Trialers. The scales will be set up for corner weighing your car. Come hang out and guess what each car will blow. Please, no wagering... We should have a record number of folks this year, so we will prioritize those who need a dyno for NASA compliance.
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