Coffee and cars monthly meet
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March 01, 2024

Event Description

Come down for a chill meet every first friday of the month. This is a family/children friendly event. Through 4 years running we have had a positive impact on the enthusiast community and we would love to continue providing a safe place for everyone to enjoy so please be respectful and responsible to, at and from the event. All makes and models are welcome! We would like to see more bikes and classic cars come along to the event as we're not just a modern car community but a motor enthusiast community trying to work together as one. Expreso Coffee 2 U will be providing the following: - Coffee - Tea - Hot Chocolate - Chai - Soft drinks - V & Redbull - Milkshakes - Iced drinks If you have suggestions to add to the menu please don't hesitate to speak to us. RUBBISH BIN IS AVAILABLE NEAR THE COFFEE VAN. PLEASE DISPOSE OF RUBBISH APPROPRIATELY. Don't forget to invite your friends and family, and to share the event. __________________________________________ Etiquette ° A reminder that our events are family friendly, so please no alcohol or drugs to be consumed at the event premises. ° There is a bin so please throw your rubbish in there (next to the Coffee van) ° Respect others ° No hooning, skids, burnouts, reckless driving, excessive speeding, being a general hoon will result in an immediate ban from all future events as well as an immediate exit from the event. ° Any damage you cause to another car or property must be paid for and fixed out of your own pocket ° Cameras are recording at all times and anyone who does something wrong will have plates handed to the police
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