Photo of Coffee and Cars August - Special Showcase Event

Coffee and Cars August - Special Showcase
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August 07, 2021

1002 Avenida de las Americas
 Houston, TX, 77010
 United States

Event Description

Coffee and Cars presents a showcase of 250 machines at Avenida Houston including some very special features that we will announce this week! This event will feature Exotics, Hypercars, JDM Icons, American Icons and European Classics. This is a gathering of passion! There are no fees to participate. We look forward to seeing everyone there, if you plan to participate you must fill out and submit the signup request at in order for us to plan the layout. Space is limited to 250 machines so be sure to register today! PLEASE REMEMBER NO REVVING AND NO BURNOUTS OR YOU WILL JEOPARDIZE OUR GATHERING! WE ARE WORKING HARD TO BRING BACK OUR MONTHLY GET TOGETHER AND WE NEED EVERYONE'S HELP TO DO SO. All spectators are welcome! Please park in the parking garages which are walking distance from Avenida Houston. There will be ZERO tolerance for burnouts and high revving, if you want Coffee and Cars to stay around for many years to come, use COMMON SENSE. This is not a race track, this is a family friendly event where young kids and grown ups come to admire cars that otherwise they don't get a chance to see. Register For A Spot:
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