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Christmas Car Show
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November 29, 2020

1420 Hwy 365
 Nederland, TX, 77627
 United States

Event Description

Hi guys ! I am hosting a car show !!! The address will be 1500 Hwy 365 Nederland on November 29th from 2-5pm . (SUNDAY) It is open to all types of vehicles , it will be family oriented and the GOAL it’s raise money to give toys for kids this Christmas , as you know is been a rough year . Entry fee it will be $25 donation for every car participating; that will help out with the toys. And also a food truck will be there selling tacos the money raise will be use for the same purpose too. All the attendees will be choosing 3 of the best cars, each winner will receive a basket with different gifts. If you would like to participate and can not attend, is ok you can make a donation directly though the ministry New Beginnings
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