Cave City Cars and Coffee
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May 01, 2021

201 A Broadway
 Cave City, KY, 42127
 United States

Event Description

What is a Cars and Coffee? Basically, it's an organized car/owner meet-up where world class, multibrand and multiperiod vehicles and their owners come together to display and share the emotions conveyed by the roar of powerful engines and by the sight of so many stunning cars / motorcycles. Over the years Cars & Coffee has become a global phenomenon where thousands of spectators usually join in for the sights and sounds. These events happen almost every week in countless locations, with new people joining each time and it's time we had one here in our town. On the first Saturday of each month Broadway Street in the Historic Ace District will be home to a variety of vendors and live music while coffee is served by Black Magic Coffee, Breakfast by Landers Pot's Bottom, Mc'ing and Live Interviews with Emry and Jeremy from A Walk Through Time, Merchandise from Replica Screen Printing and more! Custom Maps of the area will be handed out to further your experience for those of you who want to do a little "Sunday Diving" on a Saturday. Be sure to bring out the whole family to this FREE to attend event and stay tuned for constant updates and announcements.
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