Cave City Cars and Coffee
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June 20, 2020

The Dive

Event Description

Every single weekend there is a Cars & Coffee event somewhere in the United States and we're bringing it here to Cave City.\n\nThousands of automotive diehards are waking up at the crack of dawn to secure the best parking spots for their pride and joy and talk cars with other like-minded individuals with gasoline running through their veins.\n\nThis is fun for the whole family with an eclectic showing of South Central Kentucky's finest automobiles. Classics\, racecars\, exotics\, hot rods\, muscle cars\, tuners\, off-roaders\, JDM\, alternative energyyou name it\, they're here.\n\nCoffee is available for purchase in front of the Dive. Food trucks will be available for breakfast and live music from different bands playing on the sidewalks. \n\nEVERY THIRD SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH (starting April 18th)\nALL AGES WELCOMED\nFREE TO THE PUBLIC\n\n
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