Cars, Coffee, and Bake Sale
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April 11, 2021

375 State St, Ste A
 Clearfield, UT, 84015
 United States

Event Description

Hello to all! A Cars and Coffee for all. We will also be doing a bake sale to raise money in support of one of our own car enthusiasts. The bake sale is to raise money for Korbyn Larsen and Summer Angeline Brookbank's beautiful English Mastiff Kona who has gone through emergency surgery for an internal issue that suddenly arose out of no where. We can all agree that veterinarian bills are not cheap when things suddenly come out of no where. But we do what we can for the ones we love. We are in the process of laying out what the bake sale will consist of, but so far we will be doing brownies and cookies. We are also looking into making cakes and other delicious baked items. We are also going to have the cars and coffee at Grounds For Coffee, a local business that we all can support! I hope many will join in and support the bake sale, which is for a great cause to help one of our own, and to support a local business that needs its community. Happy Driving!
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