Cars And Steak Monthly Rumble Cruise In
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May 28, 2020

Texas Roadhouse - Milford\, OH\, 375 Rivers Edge Dr

Event Description

We are not the host just helping to promote the event. \n\nJust like cars & coffee but on Thursday Evenings!\n\nHow would you like your steak? We want ours Super-Charged!\n\nWe will be hosting our monthly cruise in the last Thursday each month between April and September at the Milford Texas Roadhouse.\n\nDates for Event: April 30th\, May 28th\, June 25th\, July 30th\, August 27th\, & September 24th. Save the dates!\n\nAlong with a free cruise in\, we will be granted gracefully a 10% dine to donate night each cruise in for those who want to have dinner there at the cruise in. \n\nAlong with the dine to donate at each cruise in\, we will have split the pot (50/50) being drawn at the cruise ins each month. Our T-shirt vendor\, Remarkable Designs\, will also be setup with custom event T-Shirts!\n\nChazziz will be our DJ for the Cruise in!\n\nSo come on down and enjoy cars and steak! All makes and models welcome! Yes that means bikes too! Lets show this neighborhood how much we Back Our Heroes!\n\n
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