Cars And Coffee Corpus Christi
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October 17, 2021

7426 Staples St
 Corpus Christi, TX, 78413
 United States

Event Description

Your monthly Cars & Coffee at Coral Bean Cafe! Come spend your Sunday morning with us! go in,grab a beverage or a snack and come back outside and enjoy the view of amazing automotive art that this city has to offer! this lot is low friendly and fresh so you have no excuse to come out! With that being said, let’s go over some rules! •NO LITTERING •NO BURNOUTS! •ABSOLUTELY NO REVVING/2 STEPPING, ANYTHING OF THAT NATURE! •OBEY PARKING LAWS. IF SOMEONE KINDLY ASK YOU TO MOVE YOUR CAR, PLEASE LISTEN AND DO SO! •This next one is out of my reach to prevent but I mean this from the heart and many stand by with this, PLEASE no pulls or coming back and forth trying to show off! This is a problem that shuts down C&C meets all around the world. There is neighborhoods all around and they only take so much of it so PLEASE..... don’t be that guy to destroy something we all love and look forward to. Coral Bean Cafe allows us to meet once a month in their lot and the least we could do is support them and never give a reason to be looked down upon. I love our community and hope we keep this going!!!! Thanks guys!
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