Photo of Cars and Coffee at Westport Plaza Event

Cars and Coffee at Westport Plaza
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October 16, 2021

77 Westport Plz
 St Louis, MO, 63146
 United States

Event Description

Cars and Coffee at Westport Plaza is back again for 2021! Hosted by Cars and Coffee St. Louis; Westport Plaza is one of the original locations for Cars and Coffee in the St. Louis area. It’s also one of the largest! There will be Cars and Coffee events at Westport Plaza this season on the third Saturday of each month from 8AM-11AM. Everyone is encouraged to bring out their cars, trucks, bikes, and other wild rides to Westport’s South Lot for everyone to enjoy. At every Cars and Coffee St. Louis event, you will enjoy cars, coffee, and meeting like-minded automotive enthusiasts. It’s the coolest networking event there is! Cars and Coffee St. Louis events are children-friendly and pet-friendly. Keep in mind, we love to support our local Westport vendors for allowing us to use their amazing venue. Getting coffee and breakfast at the local shops really helps our relationship with the venue. Please refrain from speeding upon entering or exiting the event. The intersection near McDonald's is very dangerous and individuals have lost control of their vehicles in the past. Actions like this will cause us to lose the venue. Thank you and enjoy this amazing season! Address: 77 W Port Plaza Dr, St. Louis, MO 63146 If you have any questions, shoot Cars and Coffee St. Louis a message or email us at -THERE MUST BE NO CUPS/TRASH LEFT BEHIND (THIS WILL JEOPARDIZE OUR ABILITY TO USE THE VENUE) -NO EXCESSIVE SPEEDING UPON EXITS ON SIDE STREETS (THESE UNNECESSARY ACTIONS ARE THE LEADING CAUSE OF CARS AND COFFEE EVENTS BEING SHUT DOWN)
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