Car meet static madness Corby
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June 12, 2021

Event Description

It’s that time again, it’s time for a car meet. 1st LOCATION STATIC!!!! Stick to Groups of 6 and social distance if possible Let me know what clubs are attending!!!! Second location Co hosts: -Send it central -drivers Uk These will be the leader of the convoy to the second location!!!!!! LEAVING FOR SECOND LOCATION: 9pm be ready!!!!!! WORD of mouth for 2nd location Clubs attending: -Absolute Gearheads -Modified Vauxhall owners -Outkast Modified -stealth (scc) Let’s make this meet a banger. Location: Corby Post code: TBA Maybe 2nd location?!! Hope you already for this meet. Make sure to bring your mates and so hope you have fun and enjoy yourself’s but make sure to be careful as there maybe children attending the meet and make sure you use the bins if there is bins there but if not take your rubbish home with you but overall have fun!!!!! Static meet!!! Be respectful to everyone and appreciate there cars and if you wanna speak to the admins feel free too Hope you enjoy the meet and see you at future meets!!!!
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