Photo of Bikes, Cars and Coffee Griffin Waterfront Event

Bikes, Cars and Coffee Griffin Waterfront
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February 06, 2021

Event Description

This Sunday we are holding our first waterfront Bikes, Cars and Coffee at the Griffin Waterfront Village The Rocks Cafe are going going to be open providing some awesome coffee, and the owners have opened up their vacant paddock so we can park off the street, great photo opportunities. Welcome to all makes and models! To enter the paddock, simply drive up the driveway of 1000 Dohles Rocks Rd and enter the paddock through the right. The drive is single lane only so make sure your all good to go through. The Rocks Cafe will be open from 5:30am supplying anything you want! Once again, the owners of the cafe have allowed everyone with a space to be able to enjoy ourselves, please make sure you are being super respectful when entering, or leaving, there will be cameras everywhere, so if your caught doing anything other than being responsible drivers you will not be allowed back / any serious offenders will have their plates passed into the police.
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