American Muscle Classic 2020 - Amateur Strongman Competition
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June 20, 2020

2490 Crain Hwy\, Waldorf\, MD 20601-3143\, United States

Event Description

Location: Waldorf Ford. 2490 Crain Hwy\, Waldorf\, MD 20601\n\nSaturday\, June 20. Returning again on Father's Day weekend! Gates open at 9:30am. Adults $10\, kids get in free. Activities for the whole family until 3.\n\nATHLETE DETAILS:\n\nEVENTS:\nCarry Medley - Keg\, Engine\, Mouser Block\, Chain (returns for 2020!)\nKeg Toss - 5 Keg Series \nCar Hold - Head to Head!\nAxle Press + Truck Push\nHand and Thigh Deadlift event (returns for 2020!) \n\nThis is a Strongman Corp Level 1 Strongman Competition. Current membership will be required of all athletes\, and is available for purchase from the State Chairman the day of the event.\n\nRegistration: $70.\n\nReturning for 2020: Athlete shirts with your name across the back! \n\nAthlete Registration at:\n\nInitial Registration capped at 8 athletes per class! Additional spots may be opened up to fill out categories. \n\nWeight classes:\nNOVICE:\nLW (<180 female\; <231 male)\nHW (180+ female\; 231+ male)\n\nOPEN: \nAdaptive classes\nTeens (14-19)\nMasters 40\, Masters 50\nFemale LW (<140)\, MW (140-180)\, HW (180+)\nMale LW (<200)\, MW (200-231)\, HW (231-300)\, SHW (300+)\n\nOpen classes may be consolidated to ensure there are enough athletes to secure Nationals invites\n\nTrophies for 1st place in each Open division with a minimum of 2 competitors. Ties will be resolved with rebar bending. \n\nOrganized by: Barrett Young and 301 Strongman\nQuestions? or friend me on FB\n\nDate/Time: Saturday\, June 20 at 10am. Mandatory rules meeting at 9:30. Check in and weigh in begins at 8am\, all athletes must be checked in by 9:15am. No refunds\, no transfers. \n\nDetails on Friday 24-hour weigh ins will be released closer to competition date. \n\nSportsmanship is required before\, during\, and after the event. This is the best sport in the world\, let's work together to keep it that way.\n\nEVENT DETAILS:\nEvent #1\nCarry Medley\n\nThe athlete will have 75 seconds to pick up and carry a keg\, an engine\, and a full size Mouser Block and deposit it onto a crash pad. The event ends with a 30' chain drag. The implements must be carried in that order. Split times will be recorded after each implement is completed. Belts\, wrist wraps\, gloves\, okay. Carry any way (low\, chest or shoulder).\n\nOrder is Keg/Engine/Mouser block/Chain drag\n\nFEMALES\n\nNovice LW: 105/Small/120/350\nNovice HW: 140/Small/130/350\nTeen: 120/Small/130/350\nMasters 40: 140/Small/140/350\nMasters 50: 120/Small/120/350\nLW: 120/Small/130/350\nMW: 140/Medium/150/500\nHW: 155/Medium/170/500\n\nMALES\n\nNovice LW: 140/Medium/150/500\nNovice HW: 155/Large/200/500\nTeen: 155/Medium/200/500\nMasters 40: 155/Medium/200/500\nMasters 50: 155/Medium/180/500\nLW: 155/Large/200/500\nMW: 180/Large/220/2x350\nHW: 230/X Large/240/2x350\nSHW: 290/X Large/290/2x350\n\n\nThe sizes of the engine are approximately\nSmall - 140# V4\; Medium - 170# V4\; Large - 200# V6\; X Large - 230# V6\n\n\n\nEvent #2\nKeg Toss\n\n\n60 seconds. The athlete will proceed through a series of increasing-weight pony kegs and throw them overhead over a bar. The athlete must complete the kegs in order\, and each must go over the bar to proceed to the next keg. Split times are recorded as the keg crosses the upright. The bar height is set at 12' for everyone.\n\n\n\nFEMALES\n\nNovice LW: 25/25/30/30/35\nNovice HW: 25/25/30/30/35\nTeen: 25/25/30/35/40\nMasters 40: 25/25/30/35/40\nMasters 50: 25/25/30/35/40\nLW: 25/25/30/35/40\nMW: 25/25/30/35/40\nHW: 25/30/35/40/45\n\n\n\nMALES\n\nNovice LW: 25/30/30/35/40\nNovice HW: 25/30/35/40/45\nTeen: 30/30/35/40/45\nMasters 40: 30/35/40/45/50\nMasters 50: 30/35/40/45/50\nLW: 30/35/40/45/50\nMW: 30/35/40/45/50\nHW: 30/40/45/50/55\nSHW: 35/40/45/50/55\n\n\n\nEvent #3\nHead to Head Car Deadlift Hold\n\n\nTwo athletes face off against each other in a head to head hold. Time will still be tracked separately for each athlete\, and scoring is determined within your class as a whole. Straps\, figure 8s\, belts\, socks\, sleeves\, okay. No suits. \n\n\n\nMatched Vehicles still to be tested for each class.\n\nEvent #4\nAxle Clean and Press and Push\n\n75 seconds. The athlete will complete two reps with the first axle\, ground to overhead anyway. You will then proceed to push a truck 40 feet to the finish line\, where a heavier axle will be waiting for them to put over your head. Your time (score) stops at the down command of the heavier axle. Split times will also be taken as the truck crosses the finish line. The athlete must have the bar locked overhead\, feet below the shoulders\, to receive a down command. Dropping of the bar is permitted\, but the athlete is responsible for controlling the bar to the ground (don't hit the truck!). Belt\, wrist wraps\, sleeves are legal. Belt cleans are legal.\n\nFEMALES\n\nNovice LW: 65\, Truck\, 75\nNovice HW: 75\, Truck\, 85\nTeen: 75\, Truck\, 95\nMasters 40: 85\, Truck\, 105\nMasters 50: 65\, Truck\, 85\nFemale LW: 85\, Truck\, 115\nFemale MW: 105\, Truck\, 135\nFemale HW: 145\, Truck\, 165\n\nMALES\n\nNovice LW: 145\, Truck\, 165\nNovice HW: 175\, Truck\, 195\nTeen: 165\, Truck\, 185\nMasters 40: 155\, Truck\, 185\nMasters 50: 145\, Truck\, 175 \nLW: 175\, Truck\, 215\nMW: 205\, Truck\, 235\nHW: 235\, Truck\, 265\nSHW: 255\, Truck\, 295\n\n\nEvent #5\nElevated Max Axle Deadlift\n\nThis will be a limited (2-4") pull max axle deadlift. Also known historically as a Hand and Thigh lift or a rack pull. The bar height will be within 2-3" of the top of the kneecap. Additional increments may be added based on the athletes proportions. You will have 3 attempts to achieve a max weight. Athletes will give their first attempts during warmups\, and give the scorekeeper their next attempt upon successful completion of the lift. You may skip attempts\, but the weight on the bar will not go back down. The athlete will have 30 seconds to strap in\, stand up with the weight\, legs locked out\, and receive a down command. You may keep trying during your 30 seconds\, but once you miss a lift you're out. The axle will progress in 40 to 50# increments for males and 20 to 30# increments for females. Straps\, figure 8s\, belts\, socks\, sleeves\, okay. No suits.\n\nStarting weights still to be announced\n\n\n
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